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Looking For Major & Minor Surgeries

Major & Minor Surgeries

All kinds of major and minor surgeries have been done by Best Dental Surgeons here like.

Tooth Extraction

When there is no option left to save the tooth like in cases when crown portion of the tooth is grossly destroyed or the big lesion exists in the bone surrounding root tip of hopeless tooth, only then tooth is removed from socket. In such cases, pain is relieved with the release of pus and infection subsides.

Wisdom Tooth Disimpaction

When the tooth is impacted under the bone and cannot erupt in the oral cavity due to either lack of space or any it’s misalignment or due to obstructions lying over its it causes pain and decreased opening of mouth or sometimes leads to joint problems associated with tooth.

Then, through the dental surgery and under local anaesthesia, impacted teeth is removed by giving incision, removal of bone and sectioning of tooth. It’s a painless procedure done within less than 1 hour.

Cyst Removal

Cyst is usually a lesion surrounding tooth or its root within the bone surface, filled with fluid, semi-fluid material. They are to be removed otherwise can cause gross destruction of bone and displacement of other teeth.

It can be removed surgically by giving incision under local anaesthesia, or by aspirating the fluid content with its subsequent regression or by electrocautery.

PERIODONTAL SURGERIES like gingivectomy(removal of excess gums overlying tooth surface by incision or cauterization), gingivoplasty, flap surgeries are also done here.

Fractures of Bone

Fractures of jaw bone can be treated by internal maxillary fixation i.e. aligning or joining bone fragments without opening site or by bone plating done under cases where there is loss of bone structure.

All kind of major and minor surgeries can be done with laser without incision i.e. bloodless procedure.

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