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Looking For Twinkle Jewellery & Diamond For Tooth

Tooth Jewellery is a gold ornament that is glued to a tooth and is sometimes set with a gemstone or diamond. The installation of a real diamond or a rhinestone (imitation diamond) is also very popular Dentist In Jalandhar Punjab.

Twinkle and diamond have an important 3D shape so that alteration of the tooth surface will be unavoidable in order to solidify the object. Since the jewel protrudes, loss of the jewel is possible. In addition, if you wish to have the jewel removed, the dentist must cover the site with a thin layer of composite to preserve your tooth.

Gold 24K/22K Twinkles Diamonds For Tooth

101 Heart Small 102 Heart Large
103 Star Small 104 Star Large
105 Droplet Small 106 Droplet Large
108 Cross 109 Music Note
112 Clover 116 Dolphin
121 Heart Diamond 122 Star Diamond
124 Droplet Diamond 126 Round Diamond
129 Star Sapphire 130 Dolphin Sapphire
131 Dolphin Diamond 132 At Mark
133 Round Diamond 0.02CT 134 Horseshoe
135 Scorpion 136 Treble Clef
139 Dollarsign 208 Moon

White Gold 18K Twinkles Diamonds For Tooth

201 Heart Small 202 Heart Large
203 Star Small 204 Star Large
205 Droplet Small 206 Droplet Large
207 Moon 208 Cross
212 Clover 216 Dolphin
221 Heart Diamond 222 Star Diamond
224 Droplet Diamond 226 Round Diamond
228 Star Ruby 229 Star Sapphire
230 Dolphin Sapphire 231 Dolphin Diamond
233 Round Diamond 0.02CT 234 Horseshoe
235 Scorpion 236 Treble Clef
238 Alien 239 Dollarsign


What is Tooth Jewellery?

Tooth Jewellery is an accessory that is placed on the front portion of your tooth. This style craze lets you express your individuality through your smile, making it more unique and fashionable.

Tooth Jewellery and rhinestone can be applied in a dental clinic or anesthetics clinic. However, the installation in a dental clinic is an advantage because it ensures better resistance of the jewel and asepsis of the premises and instruments (absence of germs that can cause an infection). The installation of this type of jewelry requires very little time Tooth Jewellery Dentist In Jalandhar Punjab | Best Dental Clinic Punjab.

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