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Dr. JASWINDER SINGH is having a specialized hand and experience of 15 years for dental implants. He has done hundreds of normal, complicated and medically compromised cases. Now, those all patients are eating their food as natural as with the natural teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

In simple language, Dental Implant is the substitute for missing teeth one or more. It acts like the root of our natural teeth and helps replacement with the crown over it, superior in aesthetics and function from other artificial forms of teeth.

In case of missing one or multiple teeth, it is generally replaced by grinding of adjacent sound and sometimes diseased teeth, which is not the compromised with natural teeth in aesthetics but also in functions.

Dental Implants is the best option for the people who one concerned with or in love with their oral cavity and remaining teeth. Implant is placed in bone and can be capped separately. It not only saves adjacent teeth but also saves the bone and is superior in aesthetics and function from other crown and bridge procedures.

It has highest strength and good compatibility with other oral tissues and bone. It has no side effects. It’s a painless procedure done under local anaesthesia over the duration of just one hour.

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Misery increases many folds when there is complete loss of teeth in one or both arches. Mental trauma of wearing dentures, compromise in esthetics, slipping of dentures and inability to chew food comfortably leads to declining oral health and general health of patients.

But now, with the placement of just two implants in single arch can sort out all the troubles and let the oral cavity work the way it is intended to. The overdenture fits firmly on the two implant abutments and can be removed whenever required by the patient for its effective cleaning and all.

The major advantage of Implants is that they can last for life time.

Dental Implants with Immediate Loading

Immediate Loading refers to the loading or giving the crown or bridge over the implant abutments within 72 hours of their placement. Like this, there is lesser surgical inconvenience and low material cost. We can avoid the waiting period of 3-6 months. It is also helpful in case of minimal jaw bone and avoid major surgical procedures.

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