Root Canal Treatment in Jalandhar (RCT)

/Root Canal Treatment in Jalandhar (RCT)
Root Canal Treatment in Jalandhar (RCT) 2021-10-29T05:20:38+00:00
Root Canal Treatment in Jalandhar

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontics is the most important branch of dentistry that deals with the root canal treatment done under local anesthesia.

Root canal treatment is treatment given to teeth which are grossly destructed with caries or with a lesion that surrounds the root of tooth covered by bone which can’t be treated as such. It prevents the inadvertent removal of tooth which is grossly involved with caries.

Tired of multiple visits for RCT are now benefitted by single sitting RCT at our clinic. So, you can be relieved from painful to painless condition.

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